My night out (in) on the tiles!

My night out (in) on the tiles!
07/07/2017 Vera Walker
Vera Walker
In Bathroom

Before you get too excited, thinking I’m about to recount my last big night out… this little piece is about bathroom tiles and not the dance floor type. Our current main bathroom isn’t that offensive, it’s just a bit dated and a bit DULL, but not so bad as to warrant a big spend. So my friends, my sleeves are rolled up, brush is in hand and I’m off to update our bathroom into something more gorge!

When and why you might want to try this (that is if the pics above are not enough inspiration)….

  • If you hate those tiles (see my bottle green ones below, not me I’m afraid)…and were thinking of tossing them anyway, then tile paint and a grout pen might just be worth trying. I have some interesting 3D patterned ones. I was going to replace them but now I’m thinking I’m going to paint them first and challenge myself to make them more hip and happening.
  • This is far less expensive than starting again so if cash isn’t king right now it’s a great option. The tile paint is about £15 (colour choices are getting better) and a grout pen (many colour choices thesedays). If you are renting and the tiles are hideous, this can be an easy sell to a landlord too as wont cost them much or nothing if you just want to pay for it yourself…
  • It’s cheaper than therapy. Stick some music on and enjoy the alone time (I don’t get much with two youngens). If you do as I am doing and are going for white as the new colour, then you don’t really have to painfully paint each tile. I have found you can do a sweeping motion (just don’t put too much on the brush/roller) and it doesn’t really matter if you get some on the grout as you’ll be going over that again with the grout pen anyway. Darker tiles will take two or three coats. Paint is generally £15 (colour choices getting better, available in gloss or satin), and grout pens are about £3 (good colour choices available online).
  • Changing the tile colour (especially if they are dark, avocado or peach and prolific), will make a massive impact. Just beware, it will likely lead you on to reprint walls and woodwork too – I like to use any excuse. And not forgetting floor tiles or wood floors, all paintable.
  • What colour? To modernise, I think white is hard to beat with a coloured grout. It’s clean and fresh and is easy to pair up with wall and woodwork paint choices. I favour satin finish, it a nice halfway and will make any patterned tiles look more modern than a gloss finish would.
  • Stuck with an avocado suite? – there is a product for £70-£90 that you can use to change the colour of the suite – works on enamel, porcelain and acrylic. I haven’t personally tried it but sounds amazing.
  • Stuck with old laminate floors or just not the right colour pvc window frames? – all these are changeable also nowadays with the right primer and paint.

And here are my before pictures of our dated green bathroom, its not massively offensive and not bad enough to warrant a full tear out. Just added some after pictures, I would say the total cost of update so far is about £300, mainly on light fixture, paint and tile paint. Its beautifully atmospheric at night so I’m delighted with it…from dated to delicious – TICK